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A Satellite Project by AMSAT-ZL

Under the leadership of Fred Kennedy (ZL1BYP), a team of New Zealand Radio Amateurs are constructing KiwiSAT, a true New Zealand designed and built orbiting satellite.

Project Overview & Current Status



NZART badgeAMSAT-ZL - New Zealand's Amateur Satellite Organization, active in the Amateur (Radio) Satellite Service under the Radio Regulations (ITU-R) of the ITU, is affiliated to The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (Inc), commonly known as NZART.


GeneralKiwiSAT mark 1 and mark 2

KiwiSAT will carry both amateur radio communications, and a scientific experiment in small satellite attitude control.

Earlier design used the low efficiency solar cells then available. Improvements have increased that effiency from some 11% to over 26%. To take advantage of the newer cells a second KiwiSAT model has been developed.

In the accompanying illustration, Mk1 is shown in basic form with Mk2 mounted on a simulated rocket attachment/launch drum.



KiwiSAT is an orbiting satellite project by radio amateurs under a strict "not-for-profit" regime and should not be confused with KiwiSat, a commercial ground based animal tracking transmitter. As prime owners of the name KiwiSAT, AMSAT-ZL permit its use in the lower case format (KiwiSat 101) by SIRTRACK for their earthbound animal tracking transmitter.


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